The Southern African Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA) derives its membership from residents and institutions in Southern Africa and other parts of the world with interest in the promotion, extension and application of mathematical knowledge.

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Join SAMSA, an association which enables you to stay in touch with the larger Southern Africa Mathematical Community and many other recognized Mathematical scientists in the world. Through SAMSA meetings, you will experience an atmosphere of collaboration and growth and gain vast knowledge to further both your career and the Mathematics discipline at large.

There are basically four (4) types of membership

Student membership
This type of membership is reserved for individuals pursuing their undergraduate and graduate levels at any University or College upon payment of annual subscription determined by the general membership from time to time.

Individual membership
Individuals working and/or interested in advancing mathematical knowledge in the Southern African Region become members upon payment of annual subscription determined by the general membership from time to time.

Honorary membership
This is reserved for distinguished individuals who have contributed enormously to the promotion and advancement of mathematical knowledge in the region. They include previous SAMSA Presidents and they are generally exempted from payment of annual subscriptions.

Institutional membership
Organizations, Institutions, Universities, Colleges, or groups of individuals with a collective interest of promoting, extending and applying mathematical knowledge in the region can assume this type of membership upon payment of annual subscription determined from time to time by the general membership.


The annual subscription fees are as follows:

USD10.00 for Student membership,

USD20.00 for Individual membership and

USD240 for Institutional membership; effective 2014.
Membership Benefits

  • Receive subsidies in registration fees or services in some of the Association’s events and associated corporate partnerships, in events with such opportunities
  • Receive invitations and participation in professional development workshops and/or short courses (regionally and internationally)
  • Receive invitations to participate in conferences, seminars and symposia organized in the region
  • Provided access to competitive scholarships and grants (when available)
  • Receive invitations to resource in workshops and research schools organized by the associations
  • Eligible for the Association’s representation at various forums (e.g. international meetings, curriculum review processes, research activities)
  • Institutional memberships will be accorded opportunities to exhibit their products during the association’s events or circulate general information about themselves through the Association’s Newsletter
  • Free publication in the SAMSA journal
  • Professional development through participation in teaching and student supervision in the Association’s academic programmes
  • Professional development through engagement as journal reviewer, referee or editorial board membership of the Association’s journal


To subscribe to SAMSA contact: Treasurer, SAMSA, or for details