Welcome to the website of the Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA), an organization whose main objective is to further research and teaching of mathematical sciences in the Southern African countries and beyond through holding of conferences, workshops, academic exchange visits and research stays involving collaborations, as well as through research schools or institutes. The SAMSA conferences have over the years- since 1981 when the first such conference was held- served as an avenue for the exchange of knowledge, information and provoking new ideas in problem solving among seasoned researchers, upcoming mathematicians as well as students from the Southern Africa’s academic, industrial and commercial sectors, and beyond. The conferences have also provided opportunities for networking and learning.


Specific Objectives of the Association are to:

  • Promote cooperation and exchange of ideas in mathematical sciences research and teaching of mathematical sciences and to stimulate communication between mathematical scientists in the region;
  • Organize research seminars and colloquia in mathematical sciences;
  • Arrange visits to the region of eminent mathematical scientists and organize inter-departmental visits and exchange visits;
  • Seek and maintain contacts with other mathematical sciences associations within and outside the region, provided that the objectives and purposes of such other associations are consistent with the objectives and purposes of the association;
  • Produce a research and information publication and any other publications deemed to be of value in the promotion of the above objectives;
  • Endow prizes and awards in the mathematical sciences; and
  • Generally carry any, do or transact any act, scheme or enterprise calculated to further the objectives of the Association.


The Vision of the association is

  • To be the leading mathematical sciences organization in promoting mathematical sciences and their applications through research and training, attracting publications and membership from world class researchers and students.

This website contains information about SAMSA, its activities, programs, annual meetings or conferences, seminars and colloquia, membership, the Southern Africa Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (SAJPAM), as well as the latest news and announcements. Please click on the navigation menus to learn more about SAMSA. There is something for you!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to webmaster@samsa-math.org.